Nursing Leadership Awards

Nursing Leadership Awards

The Ohio Organization for Nursing Leadership each year recognizes emerging nurse leaders who demonstrate outstanding leadership, possess a desire to advance and progress professionally, inspire others and support projects and initiatives outside the clinical realm.

OONL Aspiring Nurse Leader Awards 

OONL invites members to submit nominations for aspiring nurse leaders whose possess a strong desire to advance professionally, achieve shared goals, promote teamwork and encourage others. Nominees also should demonstrate and share clinical expertise, act as a resource and model for other nurses and be knowledgeable of current and trends and evidence-based practice standards.

Award Winners 

2023: Emily Kesner, MSN, RN, CPEN, ED assistant nurse manager, Dayton Children’s Hospital
2022: Tracy Shepline
2021: Kate Barrett, RN, MS, CPON, Dayton Children’s Hospital
2020: Alisha Fata
2019: Emily VanCulin
2018: Kelly Seabold
2017: Courtney Stryffeler
2016: Kim Dougan
2015: Stephanie Boyd
2014: Rebecca Swogger-Heyne
2013: Meghan Weese

Nominees for the Aspiring Nurse Leader Award do not need to be a OONL member to be eligible.

OONL Nurse Leadership Award

Members of the Ohio Organization for Nursing Leadership ​may nominate fellow members for the Nursing Leadership Award if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Engages with OONL by regularly attending the OONL conference and serving on the society board or one of its advisory committees
  2. Demonstrates workplace, professional or civic leadership
  3. Promotes professional development, research, presentations, publications, advocacy for patient care or advancement of nursing practice
  4. Develops and executes strategic, innovative planning
  5. Exhibits mentorship and a commitment to the education and development of future nurse leaders

Award Winners

2023: Todd Tussing, DNP, RN, CENPP, NEA-BC, EBP-C, assistant clinical professor, Ohio State College of Nursing
2022: Chris Young
2021: Jackie Buck
2020: Paige Smith
2019: Wendy Ungard
2018: Pam Baker
2017: Stephanie Meade
2016: Renae Phillips
2015: Joann Short
2014: Lisa Aurilio
2013: Donna Hanly
2011: Lisa Klenke
2012: Linda Breedlove

Workforce Wellness Award

The OONL Workforce Wellness award is designed for nurses who go above and beyond the expectations of their primary role to support, advocate for, and improve employee wellness. The nominee’s leadership qualities should align with AONL’s elements of a healthy practice environment and demonstrate leadership strategy that improves the workplace environment promoting care of body, mind and spirit of nursing professionals.

2023: Jenny Michel, DNP, APRN-CNP, AC/PC, director of Advanced Practice, Akron Children’s Hospital


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