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OHA Data Services team has been providing member hospitals information and analytical tools to support their decision-making needs for four decades. OHA collects data from member and non-member hospitals in Ohio and contiguous states covering inpatient, outpatient, emergency department and skilled nursing facility care. OHA provides a variety of platforms for using this data to drive business decisions, population health work and clinical improvement programs.

About OHA’s Data Program

The OHA Statewide Inpatient and Outpatient databases rely on accurate and timely submission of data from hospitals and health systems for release back to hospitals and to state and federal agencies.

This data is used for:

  • OHA Insight – This web-based tool empowers member hospitals to run customized and standard reports for marketing, community needs assessments, physician recruiting, business development and benchmarking purposes.
  • Patient Origin Studies – Data files containing this data are used by hospitals use for marketing, physician recruiting, business development and benchmarking purposes.
  • Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, or HCUP

Database Definitions

The OHA Statewide Inpatient Database includes discharges from acute care, newborns, medical rehabilitation, skilled nursing care (including swing beds and designated units), and behavioral health (including psychiatric care and chemical dependency care). Hospitals should submit all inpatient visits based on discharge date.

The OHA Statewide Outpatient Database includes all outpatient visits. Outpatient is defined as any patient visit that isn’t considered an inpatient.

Patient accounts that should be excluded are:

Reference labs — include only those patients having a face-to-face encounter in the hospital between the patient and the hospital personnel. (For example, a claim should be excluded if a patient’s specimen presents for analysis, but the patient did not.)

Data Release Policy

Ohio Hospital Association data is proprietary to the hospitals participating in the OHA data program. OHA has entered into agreements with participating hospitals to protect the privacy of this data. Data can only be accessed, requested or received by an employee of a participating hospital.

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OHA Contacts

Amy Andres

Amy Andres

Senior Vice President, Health Strategy

Eric James

Eric James

CIO and Vice President, Data Services

Heidi Mannix

Heidi Mannix

Senior Director, Data Services

Member-Based Data Platforms

OHA offers a suite of analytic applications and tools that allow users to create custom analyses and visualize data submitted in the OHA Data Program.

OHA’s data tools utilize current and historical data to help members assess market share, visualize trends and monitor quality metrics.

  • OHA Insight provides expanded business intelligence tools based on our members’ fast-changing market needs.

  • OHA Insight Analytics contains collections of analytic resources, including interactive dashboards, for OHA users to view and interact with data.

  • OHA’s Document Portal allows OHA members to access reports and documents specific to their facility and individual permission levels.

Hospitals regularly submit comprehensive datasets to OHA, facilitating the creation of in-depth data analyses that help improve health care outcomes and decision-making.

  • More then 200 hospitals submit nearly 35 million hospital encounter records via DataTrack.

  • OHA collects payer performance data specific to each member organization semiannually.

The e-learning library includes application manuals, file format information, data definitions, videos and other supporting documents to support members’ work with the OHA data.

  • Access a series of videos with topics ranging from getting started with the OHA Data Program to setting up your first Insight Analysis.

  • In this library you’ll find application manuals, file format information, data definitions and other supporting documents to help support your work with the OHA data.

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