OHA History

Ohio Hospitals' United Voice Since 1915

The Ohio Hospital Association, the first state-level hospital association in the U.S., was established in 1915 by 60 hospital leaders.

OHA’s First Meeting

Eli R. Crew, MD, superintendent of Dayton’s Miami Valley Hospital, was unanimously elected president at the founding meeting. OHA focused on social and legislative matters critical to hospitals and health care.

The association has since focused on critical social and legislative issues in health care. In its founding year, OHA addressed the Harrison Narcotic Act’s implications, which required hospitals to record, register and tax opium and coca leaf compounds given to patients. OHA developed tools to help hospitals comply with this act.

OHA has since represented hospitals’ interests, crafted health care policies, secured patient care reimbursement, implemented safety and quality initiatives, offered workforce solutions, implemented an unemployment payroll tax program, championed energy efficiency and environmental programs, offered educational events for healthcare workers and served as Ohio hospitals’ united voice.

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