Community Benefit

Community Benefit Report

Hospitals advance wellness and drive economic growth

Ohio hospitals are cornerstones of the communities they serve, caring for the sick and injured and advancing wellness. Nonprofit hospitals measure the impact of their community benefit programs, and OHA aggregates a statewide summary.


Statewide Net Community Benefit Increased to $5.54 Billion

Ohio hospitals in fiscal year 2022 contributed $5.54 billion in net community benefit and drove $91.7 billion in economic impact while leading our state’s COVID-19 response.

National Methodology

OHA and our member hospitals collaborate to support communities by responding to community-specific needs. All hospitals conduct and publish community health needs assessments every three years. Hospitals collaborate with public health agencies, local nonprofits, health care providers and public officials to conduct assessments.

Nonprofit hospitals measure the impact of community benefit programs and report annually to the IRS on Form 990, Schedule H. The Catholic Health Association publishes standards for community benefit definition.

Hospitals carefully measure:

  • Charity care — Hospitals provide health care for which no payment is expected.
  • Community benefit activities — Hospitals respond to a demonstrated health-related community need and seek to improve access to health service, enhance public health, advance wellness knowledge or provide free or discounted care.
  • Medicaid loss — Hospitals are reimbursed for services provided to Medicaid beneficiaries at a rate less than the cost to provide the care.

Those totals are reduced by supplemental payments the federal government provides for hospitals that serve a disproportionate share of Medicare or Medicaid patients in their communities. These are referred to as disproportional share hospital payments, or DSH, payments.


2024 Statewide Community Benefit Report

Charity Care $676 million
Community Benefit Activities $2.39 billion
Medicaid Loss $3.27 billion
Medicaid DSH Payment ($478 million)
Medicare DSH Payment ($318 million)
Net Community Benefit =$5.54 billion

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John Palmer

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Community Benefit Activities

Ohio hospitals invested more than $4.8 billion in community activities to improve the health of local residents in the neighborhoods they serve, up $278 million from the prior year.

Charity Care

Every Ohio hospital has a discount policy based on a patient's income to provide reduced or free services. Hospitals also provide free basic care to the indigent or uninsured through the Hospital Assurance Program. Ohio hospitals provided $675 million in charity care, up 21% over the prior year.

Total Uncompensated Care

Ohio hospitals provided $10.8 billion in care for which no payment was received. This is up $732 million from the prior year.