OHA Institute for Health Innovation

OHA Institute for Health Innovation

The OHA Institute for Health Innovation is the hub for the association’s education, research and clinical activities to support OHA’s overall mission to collaborate with member hospitals and health systems to ensure a health Ohio. OHA’s quality programs and population health teams collaborate with member hospitals, state and federal agencies, and community organizations to devise strategies and solutions aimed at improving health outcomes in Ohio.



To evaluate, focus and engage in change activities that lead and enable the pursuit of excellence in safety and quality and in improving the health of our communities.

Focus Areas

OHA Institute for Health Innovation of the Ohio Hospital Association is dedicated to providing resources to develop and implement strategies focused in the areas of:

Accelerating Health Care Quality
Ohio hospitals and health systems establish and sustain a culture of safety and unrelenting quality.

  • Conduct research
  • Collect and share data
  • Promote best practices

Integrating Transition of Patient Care
Ohio hospitals will collaborate with other care providers to deliver integrated, patient-centric care.

  • Facilitate learning and interaction
  • Project management

Advancing Community Health
Ohio hospitals lead efforts to improve the health of their communities.

  • Promote wellness
  • Support public health initiatives
  • Prepare for disasters

OHA member hospitals are participate in a range of activities through OHA’s programs focusing on areas such as infection prevention and transitions of patient care projects. Participating hospitals include small, rural and critical access hospitals and urban and large teaching institutions.

As the nation’s first state hospital association, OHA was one of the first to focus member hospitals, staff and resources on improving health care quality. Using a robust data services and quality improvement strategies, OHA provided intensive technical assistance and various training events and learning sessions for participating hospitals, focusing on the top areas of opportunity for each hospital. OHA implemented evidence-based educational seminars for nurses, physicians and hospital administrators.

Board of Directors

The OHA Institute for Health Innovation is governed by a board of directors. Board members include a chair, chair-elect, secretary/treasurer, the OHA president and trustees-at-large. The OHA Institute Board of Directors oversees the Institute’s work in pursuit of excellence in safety and quality and in improving the health of our communities.

Meet the Board


The OHA Institute is proud to partner with organizations and institutions to advance strategies for a healthy Ohio. Bricker Graydon LLP is the Founding Centennial Partner for the Institute.

OHA Contact

James Guliano

James Guliano

Senior Vice President of Operations & Chief Clinical Officer