Safety Culture                                                    


Culture of Safety

OHA HEN 2.0 Resources - Additional Topics -> Hospital Culture of Safety

What is Patient Safety Culture: A Review of the Literature

AHRQ Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture

Creating a Culture of Safety through Innovative Hospital Design

Patient Family Engagement

OHA HEN 2.0 Resources - Crosscutting Topics -> Patient Family Engagement

A Leadership Resource for Patient and Family Engagement Strategies

Safety Is Personal: Partnering with Patients and Families for the Safest Care - LEAPE

Leadership Engagement

Creating a Culture of Safety: A Board Self-Assessment Tool

How can Leaders Influence a Safety Culture? - thought paper

Huddling for High Reliability and Situation Awareness

Improving Patient Safety Through Provider Communication Strategy Enhancements

Leadership, foundation of a patient safety culture - article

Why Hospital Improvement Efforts Fail: A View from the Front Line

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