Preparing for Your Hospital Visit 


Helping you prepare for your hospital visit:

Get Involved
This resource has been put together by OPSI to help you get involved in your health care

Some questions and answers about surgery and how you can prepare

Getting Ready for Labor
A March of Dimes resource on what to bring with you to the hospital
A resource to share with children on visiting the doctor and common tests they might get

Preparing for your return home from the hospital:

During your stay, your doctor and the staff will work with you to plan for your discharge. You and your caregiver (a family member or friend who may be helping you) are important members of the planning team. You and your caregiver can use this checklist to prepare for discharge. Questions include information on medicine and future appointments with your doctor.
 When you return home from surgery, you want your home to be as safe as possible so you can recover quickly. This gives you and your family ways to make your return home safer.

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