What did my doctor say?


Helping you understand your health care:

Health Literacy | Understanding What Your Doctor Is Saying
It can sometimes be hard to understand what your doctor or nurse are saying to you. This link from the American Heart Association helps you by giving you some questions you can ask to help understand. This can help keep you healthy and make it less likely you will need to return.

Inpatient Guide
Ohio Patient Safety Institute created a guide for you and your family to help us ensure your health and safety while in the hospital. 

National Patient Safety Foundation - Tools and Resources for Consumers
This page provides many links and resources that patients and families can use, including education and tools to help keep you safe and informed.

Online Health Information: Can You Trust It?

There is a lot of health information on the internet anymore. Some is good and some is not so good. This article helps you identify how to find good information when searching on the internet.


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