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Highlighting the work of other professional organizations with the shared goal of eliminating sepsis mortality and morbidity. Resources from these organizations have been utilized for the OHA statewide sepsis initiative


For hospitals participating in the OHA Sepsis Initiative, below are links to the Gap Analysis and 3-Hour Bundle components that will be measured as process measures. Additional information can be found throughout this website.

-Data Dictionary - Outcome and Process Measures (updated 9/10/15)

-Gap Analysis Survey Link

-Questions from the July 15th Coaching Call

Sepsis Alliance: 

    Sepsis Definition

    Sepsis-related Literature

    Sepsis - Public Service Announcements

    Speaking to Patients

    Sepsis-related Videos

    Sepsis Continuing Education for Nurses

Surviving Sepsis:


     Response to Sepsis-3 

     3-Hour Bundle

Mayo Clinic - Sepsis

MedLine Plus - Sepsis

CDC - Sepsis

APIC - Infection Prevention and You


NEJM Article: Time to Treatment and Mortality During Mandated Emergency Care for Sepsis

Proportion and Cost of Unplanned 30-Day Readmissions After Sepsis Compared with Other Medical Conditions 
- Although it is a limited study, among medical conditions, sepsis is a leading cause of readmissions and associated costs.  Adding sepsis to the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program may lead to the development of new interventions to reduce unplanned readmissions and associated costs. (JAMA-just released Jan 22, 2017)

Use of Serum Lactate:

Hospitals & Health Networks article - "Stepping Up Against Sepsis"

"Sepsis: Automate and Streamline the CMS Early Measure Bundle" - Becker's Infection Control & Clinical Quality


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