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If your hospital is interested in participating in this statewide campaign, here are the steps to get started. To learn more, visit the Questions & Answers page.

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Get Started:

Complete These Documents to Participate in the Statewide Campaign
Upon submission of this survey, OHA will provide Safe Sleep Champions with a web button for use on your website, and the hospital/health system will be listed among the participating hospitals. Safe Sleep Champions will also receive alerts for upcoming education events and access safe sleep kits.

Model Safe Sleep:

Adopt, implement & audit internal safe sleep policies
  • Adopt and implement an internal safe sleep policy.  (sample policies)
  • Train staff and physicians on the recommended guidelines, internal safe sleep policy and the importance of modeling safe sleep in the hospital.  (sample training materials)
  • Audit the hospital’s implementation of the policy.  (sample 1 ¦ sample 2 ¦ sample 3)
  • Reinforce hospital policy with visual aides such as floor decals and posters.  (sample poster – can also be used in patient rooms)
  • Consider participating in the HALO In-Hospital SleepSack Program to replace receiving blankets with wearable blankets.


Provide counseling and education to new parents and their families and friends
  • Educate all new parents about the importance of providing a safe sleep environment.  (sample educational materials)
  • Ask all new parents to acknowledge they have received information about safe sleep.  (sample acknowledgement form)
  • Provide take-home kit for new parents to reinforce the education provided (a generous supply will be provided FREE OF CHARGE upon request).  (more information and order form)
  • Reinforce patient education with in-room posters.  (sample poster)
  • Aid in identifying patients that don’t have access to a crib and assist them in identifying resources.  (Cribs for Kids)

Community/Media Outreach:

Provide community and media education and outreach about the importance of safe sleep.

Safe Sleep Champions - More Resources:

General Campaign Information for Safe Sleep Champions


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