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Gov. Kasich Announces New Initiative to Combat Drug Epidemic




Gov. John Kasich delivered his sixth State of the State Address before a joint session of the Ohio General Assembly Tuesday at The Sandusky State Theatre.

His address included continued focus on Ohio’s fight against drug abuse and addiction. He unveiled plans to ask the Third Frontier Commission to provide up to $20 million to help develop new scientific research and technology in the fight against drug abuse and addiction.

The Governor said these funds will target existing, proven ideas that simply need an extra push to be brought to the fight.

“You know, the crisis of drugs continues to change, so our efforts to fight it will continue to change,” Gov. Kasich said. He said that state government will continue to do its part by providing communities, educators, medical professionals and other partners with new tools to help them fight this epidemic. “Even as we work together on this mission, do all this, drive our strategies at prevention and treatment and interdiction, we've got to have a new idea,” he said. 
Click here to watch an introductory video and recording of Gov. Kasich’s State of the State Address, or here to read a transcript. 
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