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Data Analyst

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Director, Data Analysis & Reporting

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Director, Data Applications Support


DataTrack is a HITECH compliant secure-encrypted web-based software tool that validates hospital data submitted to OHA. DataTrack was created to offer a more streamlined, efficient and HITECH-compliant method for data processing and validations. Currently, OHA receives patient-level data files from over 200 hospitals on either a monthly or quarterly basis via DataTrack. Roughly 30 million records are collected per year. Our system improves accuracy, timeliness and ease of data submission through updated data validations as well as tools to help hospitals troubleshoot potential data problems. Once the data is processed via DataTrack, the hospital is able to review, correct and sign-off on the data to be used in OHA statewide Inpatient and Outpatient database. 

If you are a hospital interested in participating in OHA’s data program, have questions about DataTrack or are a hospital member trying to access this data, please contact Data Support

Inpatient and Outpatient Database Definitions

The OHA Statewide Inpatient Database is to include discharges from Acute Care, Newborns, Medical Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing Care (including swing beds and designated units), Behavioral Health (including Psychiatric Care and Chemical Dependency Care). Hospitals should submit all inpatient visits based on discharge date.

The OHA Statewide Outpatient Database is to include all outpatient visits. Outpatient is defined as any patient visit that is not considered an inpatient.

Patient accounts that should be excluded are:
  • Reference labs – Include only those patients with a “face-to-face encounter” in the hospital between the patient and the hospital personnel. (For example, a claim should be excluded if a patient’s specimen presents for analysis but the patient did not.)

Data Submission Information

Questions regarding the data submission process can be directed to Stephanie Jones at OHA. 

  • Hospital Mapping Template   *If you are utilizing OHA to do the value mapping for your file submission, please complete this template and send to Data Support. This will need to be completed before submitting any files.

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